Planting in the Red River Valley

What can you do to your planter to get the most bang for your buck? Being rooted here in Manitoba we can help you navigate which products will help with the challenges being thrown your way. For example, reaching moisture in dry springs takes the correct amount of row unit down force to maintain consistent seed depth through hard dirt. At the same time, wet areas and drains require you to lift the row unit to ensure that you are not planting too deep or compacting the seed trench. Delta force is one of our favourite products because it helps solve both these issues at the same time. Have a lighter sand ridge running across the field? Delta Force will adjust the down pressure so that you aren't planting too deep. Take control with Delta Force as we are unable to change the field conditions, but we can certainly respond accordingly to them.

Planting Canola

The price of canola seed has seen increases year over year since the introduction of Hybrid canola years ago, in fact, it is quickly turning into one of the biggest cash expenses of growing the crop. At North Valley Precision Planting we have solutions that can cut your canola seed bill substantially. Due to the high mortality rates of "seeding" canola, growers have had to put down almost double the amount of seed necessary to produce a strong crop. By planting canola and singulating the seed at a consistent depth, seeding survival rate is improved. With vSet growers can reduce their seeding rate resulting in substantial savings and a quick return on investment for the equipment.

Not just planters...

Our solutions don't just stop at planters. We also offer residue management options such as the Yetter Devastator attachment for corn headers. Downforce isn't just for planters - we offer Seeder Force, a product that respons to changing field conditions and adjusts the down force on a 1890 air drill as you cross the field. Plus we work at haverst too! Yield Sense has revolutionized the combine yield monitor offering incredibly accurate yield measurements to take the constant trouble of calibration and inaccuracy out of OEM yield monitors.


Don't just take our word for it.

We may not have an answer to every question, but there's a good chance we know someone who does. Our huge network of support personnel have an incredible array of knowledge and experience available to our customers. In additon, our customers can offer great testimonials and tell you in straight talk how a product has performed for them in their field.

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