About North Valley Precision Planting


A Shared History of Innovation

North Valley Precision Planting was founded to address a gap in the Western Canadian marketplace.  The importance of accurate seeding and planting operations, from singulation to down pressure to the impact of speed has never been more important, especially with our shorter growing season in Western Canada.  Traditionally a focus for corn and soybeans, the benefits of precision planting technology are now being recognized for small seeded crops like canola which is a key focus for us here at North Valley Precision Planting.

Precision Planting is a market leader across North America however local service, support and knowledge for growers in the Red River Valley has been missing.  That is, until now – introducing North Valley Precision Planting, Manitoba’s newest Premier Precision Planting dealer. Based in Carman, Manitoba - only North Valley Precision Planting brings together local expertise, advanced planting technology and dedicated service.  It all starts here.

Murray Froebe, Partner – Operates Agassiz Seed Farm and has utilized Precision Planting technologies in their operation for over three years. One of the largest Climate Fieldview dealers in Manitoba. Murray is excited to launch a local, knowledgeable, and supported Precision Planting Dealer into the Manitoba marketplace.

John Bergen, Partner  - John brings more than ten years of cash crop farming experience, specializing in corn production and has placed in the top three in the Manitoba Corn Growers Yield Competition for the past two years. John has a keen interest in applying new technologies to equipment of any age.

Patrick Crampton, Partner – Over twenty years of management experience in crop protection, biotech and digital agriculture as the former Head of Marketing for Syngenta Canada and COO of Farmers Edge.  Patrick is currently VP Agribusiness & AgTech with arC agency.

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