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    John Fox - Product Specialist

           I have been working in the Ag industry for the last eighteen years helping producers optimize their equipment through parts and service requirements. I am very excited to be involved in a company that has the opportunity to assist farmers in maximizing profitability. There are a lot of factors that affect the profitability of a farming operation, many of which are not controllable by the producer. Taking back some of that control is where North Valley Precision Planting and I can help. We utilize products and processes developed by companies such as Precision Planting, Harvest International, Yetter and more, to help growers identify areas in their planting and seeding operations in need of improvement. It doesn’t matter if that is improving accuracy with singulation and spacing, helping to identify emergence issues caused by uneven seed placement or seeding depth, helping to develop or improve a fertility program with placement and timing, or more complex and cutting-edge processes like multi hybrid planting. We look forward to assisting all sizes of operations to become as profitable and proficient as possible in an environment that is constantly evolving.